Exporting the ‘world’s best’ driving simulator

Auto Express magazine have called it the world’s best driving simulator: a special class of driving simulator, called Driver-in-the-Loop, that allows drivers and engineers to test their vehicles in a realistic virtual world. When the UK company behind it, Ansible Motion of Norwich, won a major supply contract with a foreign automobile manufacturer, they also won some additional backing from the UK government.

“Because of the scale of this project, we were presented with an exciting growth opportunity,” said company founder Kia Cammaerts. “Our bank was keen to support us so we got together with UK Export Finance to help make it all happen smoothly.”

An adviser from UK Export Finance helped arrange a government guarantee with Ansible Motion’s bank, to ensure Ansible Motion could fulfil its enormous potential to engage one of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers.

“If you do win a new export contract, I’d recommend talking to UK Export Finance to help explore all your options,” said Kia. “For a company like ours, experiencing strong overseas demand, they are just the partner we need, with the strength of a UK government guarantee to match the strength of our products and our ambitions.”