Use social media and social commerce to export

Social selling works for exporters

Clever use of social media can really help to brand awareness for your product or service. Paid promotion of your social updates can help you reach many more customers, and you can use analytics data to target them accurately.

Brand messages don’t have to come from the brand itself. Engaging influencers to promote your product or service can be a very effective way to connect with large audiences..

Build a following to grow sales overseas

Using social media as an exporter isn’t just about immediate sales. For new or smaller exporters especially, spending money on overseas social promotion may not give as many returns as simply building an organic social following with engaging and relevant content. Social media is a fantastic way to forge customer relationships. Be present on the social media platforms that your existing and potential customers use. You could try:

  • posting product updates or how-to videos to YouTube or Snapchat, and promoting them through other social channels, such as Twitter and Instagram.
  • using Twitter to engage fans of your product and contacts met at trade shows

Post regularly and aim to produce original content that matches your channel audience’s needs and interests.

Be aware that the social channels used in the UK may not be the most popular ones in your target market – research which channels will get you the reach you need.

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